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We’re hiring post-docs for our Oslo lab! Want to work in the field of cancer epigenomics and transcriptional regulation?

Apply here or contact us for more information. Positions will be filled immediately!


Grateful and honored to receive the grant from Norwegian Cancer Society supporting our research in understanding pancreatic cancer.

Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen | Norwegian)

More details from the press release of the medical faculty (UiO | Norwegian)


Proud to have these university press releases highlighting our two latest publications in Nature Communications and Developmental Cell!


Great to have Fei’s manuscript accepted in Developmental Cell!! Congrats to all co-authors and collaborators for the fabulous work on cell fate reprogramming to pancreatic ductal cells and our new FI-snMultiome-seq single cell method!


We celebrated the success of the latest paper with a glass of sparkling wine. Thank you to all lab members and collaborators!


We had a lovely time going out for a group dinner in September, celebrating all the hard work!


Great to have Konsta and Divyesh’s manuscript accepted in Nature Communications!!! Congrats to all co-authors and collaborators!


Great to go out for a lunch with the group in summer, Sushi time in Mashiro. Thank you all for your efforts and hard work in doing our research.


New website launches, combining information from both our Helsinki and Oslo labs!


The new Promethion P2 Solo from Oxford Nanopore Technologies is now installed in our lab in NCMM. The P2 Solo will allow for long read sequencing of genetic material DNA, RNA and several modification at single molecule resolution.


Grateful for the continuing support to the Enhancer Biology laboraratory from The Sigrid Jusélius Foundation!


Nice collaboration paper published in iScience with Kere, Varjosalo and Otonkoski groups! (Read more)


New start of Precision Cancer Epigenomics group as a NCMM group leader at the Oslo Science Park!

We’ve received a grant from the ‘Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen)’
New paper published in Nature Communications!
We’ve received a grant from the ‘Astri og Birger Torsteds legat’ foundation.
Our group visited this year's annual NCMM retreat at Strömstad Spa and Resort in Sweden!
This will allow for e.g. long read sequencing of genetic material.
The new Chromium iX Controller from 10X Genomics is now installed and running in our lab!
Our latest paper was published in the Nature Biotechnology journal in September 2022!
Our new paper, Sequence Determinants of Human Gene Regulatory Elements, has been published in Nature Genetics in March 2022!
Our new collaboration paper was published in iScience on 6 March 2023. Read more about it here.