Comprehensive characterization of the embryonic factor LEUTX

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New collaboration paper

We’re very happy to announce that our latest paper, in collaboration with Kere, Varjosalo and Otonkoski groups, was published in the iScience journal on 6 March 2023!


The paired-like homeobox transcription factor LEUTX is expressed in human preimplantation embryos between the 4- and 8-cell stages, and then silenced in somatic tissues. To characterize the function of LEUTX, we performed a multiomic characterization of LEUTX using two proteomics methods and three genome-wide sequencing approaches.

Our results show that LEUTX stably interacts with the EP300 and CBP histone acetyltransferases through its 9 amino acid transactivation domain (9aaTAD), as mutation of this domain abolishes the interactions.

LEUTX targets genomic cis-regulatory sequences that overlap with repetitive elements, and through these elements it is suggested to regulate the expression of its downstream genes.

We find LEUTX to be a transcriptional activator, upregulating several genes linked to preimplantation development as well as 8-cell-like markers, such as DPPA3 and ZNF280A. Our results support a role for LEUTX in preimplantation development as an enhancer binding protein and as a potent transcriptional activator.

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