Competitive CRISPR method for editing transcription factor motifs

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We've published a new paper

We’re happy to announce that our latest paper – A competitive precision CRISPR method to identify the fitness effects of transcription factor binding sites – was published in the Nature Biotechnologies journal on 26 September 2022!


Here we describe a competitive genome editing method that measures the effect of mutations on molecular functions, based on precision CRISPR editing using template libraries with either the original or altered sequence, and a sequence tag, enabling direct comparison between original and mutated cells.

Using the example of the MYC oncogene, we identify important transcriptional targets and show that E-box mutations at MYC target gene promoters reduce cellular fitness.

Päivi Pihlajamaa, Otto Kauko, Biswajyoti Sahu, Teemu Kivioja, Jussi Taipale

Figure 1

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